BLOGILATES is a website founded by Cassey Ho and an excellent resource to encourage college women to integrate fitness into a busy routine while simultaneously helping alleviate the stressors of daily responsibilities (Ho, Cassey. “Home Page.”) The “Workout Video Index” provides a catalog of a wide range of fitness video routines (Ho, Cassey. “Workout Video Index.”) The exercises located on this website are inspired by a variety of activities such as pilates, high intensity interval training, kickboxing, and workouts designed to be completed with a partner or with the added weight of dumbbells (Ho, Cassey. “Total Body Sculpt.” Please visit  Total Body Sculpt to complete workouts that utilize your own body weight as a source of resistance training without the need for additional equipment. The workouts also allow you to strengthen the multiple muscle groups in your body (Ho, Cassey. “Total Body Sculpt.”) The Equipment Exercises allow for the challenge of completing workouts with a partner or with the added weight of dumbbells (Ho, Cassey. “Equipment Exercises.”) Additionally, the videos are conducted during a variety of time frames ranging from fifteen to thirty minutes. The segmentation of the videos allows for the unique creation of a workout routine that can be easily incorporated into your schedule. It is possible to replay shorter workouts for a longer, more intense routine, or play videos for a shorter amount of time. The second option would allow for more flexibility in your daily routine when you are short on time to commit to exercise. The videos provided also allow college women to select a video to strengthen a particular muscle group, which is located under the ”Pop Pilates” section of the “Workout Video Index” on the homepage (Ho, Cassey. “Workout Video Index.” )  It is also possible to relax with a video geared towards improving your physical flexibility (Ho, Cassey. “Workout Video Index.”)

RECIPES is a great page to discover the beneficial nutritional aspects and provides an organized listing of links to healthy recipes designed, tested, or inspired by Cassey Ho’s selection (Ho, Cassey. “Recipe Index.”) The meals or snacks are easily accessible because the links are organized by meal types, including for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert. Located near each link is the nutritional information as provided by Cassey Ho.

The PRINTABLES Section of this website allows you to easily select a workout to print and take with you to the gym, office, or within your own room (Ho, “Printables.”) They are geared towards strengthening and building muscle in a wide range of body parts you wish to improve. These workouts are designed to be fun, exciting, and challenging. After practicing Cassey Ho’s exercises, you will find she is an energetic, vibrant, and motivated online fitness coach that will inspire you to integrate fitness as part of your daily routine and give you a boost of energy to carry you through a busy day or provide relaxation when you need rest from your other responsibilities as a college student.


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